Tunes from the Goodman Manuscript - Mick O'Brien, Emer Mayock & Aoife Ní Bhriain

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Featuring repertoire drawn from original sources collected by Canon James Goodman (1828-96) in the mid-nineteenth century in his native province of Munster.

The Goodman manuscripts, which since his death have been held in the Library of Trinity College Dublin are of great significance because they preserve much of the traditional music of the south of Ireland as it was sung and played in the years before traditional culture there was devastated by the Great Famine of the 1840s.

Comprising music that could easily have disappeared from the Irish repertory, the manuscripts provide unique insights into the evolution of Irish traditional music.

From these manuscripts, Mick, Emer and Aoife have chosen music ranging from unusual versions of tunes in the modern repertoire to those apparently unique to the collection.

In 2014 the trio received a TG4 Gradam Cheoil award for their collaborative work on exploring this varied and intriguing repertoire.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing -

  1. The Black Rogue / An Old Woman's Money
  2. The Old Man Rocking The Cradle/Yellow Legs, High Legs, Red Legs
  3. Reel 97/ The Tinker's Frolic/Light Horse Reel
  4. The Gracious Lady/Hornpipe 139/ Hartney's HP/O'Lynn's March
  5. Miss Monaghan's Reel/Neil Gow's Second Wife/Lucy Campbell
  6. Siobhainin Seo/Boring The Leather
  7. The Blackbird
  8. The Little Fox
  9. It Was A Magic Mist That Put Me Astray One Night
  10. The Traveller/The Top of The Cliff/The Bride's To Bed
  11. The Bright Dawn of Day/The Cauliflower/Kissing & Drinking
  12. The Yeoman's Reel/The Lady's Cup of Tea

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