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This CD is a new venture Cairdeas na Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí, it features no Donegal fiddle players, though there are some tunes featured here, which are very popular in the repertoires of many of Donegal’s fiddle players. The music presented here is an exceptional selection of recordings of great sound quality from more than 70 years ago. We are delighted to be given the opportunity to make them available to you.

The recordings on this album were made in the years from 1948 into the early 1950’s, with the bulk of recordings being made in 1949, by a recording engineer called Bill Stapleton (1921 – 1983), in the studios of the Irish Recording Company.

Featuring Various Artists : Denis Murphy, Patrick and Sean O'Sullivan, Aggie Whyte, Joe Milton, John Kelly and Felix Doran, Tommie Potts, Patrick Clarke, Sean Maguire, Sean McLaughlin, Matt Muldoon, Paddy Killoran, Eileen Lane.Recordings from the late 1940s and early 1950s from Denis Murphy, Patrick and Sean O’Sullivan, Aggie Whyte, Joe Milton, John Kelly and Felix Doran, Tommie Potts, Patrick Clarke, Sean Maguire, Sean McLaughlin, Matt Muldoon, Paddy Killoran, Eileen Lane.

 Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting

Denis Murphy

1  The Foot of the Glen, The Road to the Town and The Morning Star // reels (3.06)

2  Farewell to Whiskey, The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue and The Knocknaboul // polkas (3.03)

3  Fisher’s and Shanahan’s // hornpipes (2.46)

4  The Humours of Lisheen and The Lark in the Bog // double jigs (2.52)

Patrick and Seán O’Sullivan

5  Tomorrow Morning and Byrne’s // hornpipes (2.34)

6  The Dawn and The Maid of Mount Kisco // reels (2.52)

Aggie Whyte

7  The Rookery, Gallagher’s Frolic and The Maid at the Spinning Wheel // double jigs (2.46)

8  Ben Hill and Dunphy’s // hornpipes (2.57)

Joe Milton

9  Tom Ward’s Downfall, Corney is Coming and All Hands Around // reels (2.40)

10  Dever the Dancer, The Drops of Brandy and Cahiramee // slip jigs (3.08)

John Kelly – fiddle and Felix Doran – uilleann pipes

11 The Sligo Maid’s Lament and The Maid of Mount Kisco // reels (3.13)

John Kelly

12 Bunch of Keys and Lord MacDonald’s // reels (2.38)

Tommie Potts

13  Pigeon on the Gate and The Tarbolton // reels (2.25)

14  Bonnie Kate and Jenny’s Chickens // reels  (2.37)

Patrick Clarke

15  Tom Ennis’ and The Maid Behind the Bar // reels (2.53)

16  The Lark in the Morning and The Wandering Minstrel // double jigs (2.48)

17  The Boys at the Lough, The Kerry Reel  and Reidy Johnson’s // reels (2.35)

Seán Maguire

18 The High Level and McCormack’s // hornpipes (2.45)

Seán McLaughlin

19  The Wandering Minstrel, Fasten the Leg on Her and Coleman’s Cross // double jigs (1.37)

20  The Three Sea Captains // Set Dance (2.11)

21  Rhattigan’s and Miss McLeod’s // reels (2.11)

Matt Muldoon Céilí Quartet

22  The Jaunting Car, The Fair-haired Boy and Young Tim Murphy // single and double jigs (2.35)

23  The Drunken Piper and The 79ths Farewell to Gibraltar // marches (2.20)

24  Kerry Mills and Gan Ainm // barndances (2.37)

Paddy Killoran

25 Miss Thornton’s and The Bird in the Bush // reels (3.00)

26 The Rising Sun and The Dawn // reels (2.51)

27 The Maid on the Green // double jig (2.29)

28 The Hollybush, Paddy on the Turnpike and The Bag of Spuds // reels (2.45)

29 The Old Dudeen and The Road to Lurgan // reels (2.17)

30 The Bush on the Hill and Fr. Hanley’s // double jigs (2.33)

31  Gan Ainm and The Kesh Jig // double jigs (2.24)

32 Captain Kelly’s and My Love is Fair and Handsome // reels (2.47)

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