Gaeilge agus Fáilte A First Course in Irish Language and Culture for Adults - Annette Byrne

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A course in Irish Language and Culture for Adults, it is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of Irish. The course focuses primarily on learning in groups but can also be used for self study.

The course contains ten units. Key features include:
  • practice in the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • special emphasis on vocabulary development.
  • grammar clearly presented and practised in a variety of activities.
  • a pronunciation guide introducing sounds and stress patterns.
  • information about aspects of Irish culture.
  • songs, poems and stories with English translations.
  • a Learning Skills section in each unit to facilitate independent learning.
  • summary, revision exercises, tapescripts and exercise key at the end of each unit.

2 CDs are included with this book.

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