Full Circle: Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal – Martin McGinley

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Martin McGinley, who is originally from Raphoe, County Donegal, is a former BBC journalist and also edited the Derry Journal, the Donegal Democrat and the Donegal People's Press. He ran his own PR company Martin McGinley PR. He is now music development manager with the Donegal Music Education Partnership, based in Letterkenny. He is also a traditional fiddler player, and a founding member (1989-1990) of Dervish. He presented the RTÉ television series The Pure Drop, and presented radio programmes on traditional Irish music on RTÉ Radio 1 and BBC Radio 3. He is also a very well-known Donegal fiddler.

Track Listing

Track 1. Drowsy Maggie, The Heathery Braes and The Swallowtail Coat // reels
Track 2. The Old Man Rocking the Cradle // air, jig and reel
Track 3. The Cliffs of Moher and Kiss the Maid Behind the Byre // jigs
Track 4. Dúlamán na Beinne Buídhe and The Sinking of the Titanic // highlands
Track 5. The Postman’s Knock // polka/soloist piece
Track 6. The Killybegs Reel and The Yellow Tinker // reels Track
Track 7. The Frost is All Over and The Irish Washerwoman // jigs
Track 8. Stirling Castle and Miss Ramsey // strathspey and reel
Track 9. The Spey in Spate and The Fairy Reel // reels
Track 10. Paul Ryan’s Dream and The Rookery // jigs; duet with Kathleen McGinley
Track 11. Pat McKenna’s // jig; duet with Kathleen McGinley
Track 12. Francie McHugh’s // highland and strathspey
Track 13. The Mother’s Delight and The Pinch of Snuff // reels
Track 14. McSweeney’s // lullaby
Track 15. The Woodpecker and the Humours of Baile na bhFead // jigs
Track 16. The Kiltycreen Reel and The Boys of Ballisodare // reels
Track 17. Bagpipe March // march
Track 18. My Love is in America and The Donegal Reel // reels
Track 19. Lancer Gan Ainm // lancer/single jig
Track 20. Going to Mass Last Sunday and The Morning Dew // air and reel
Track 21. Amharc Álainn and Down the Broom // highland and reel
Track 22. Julia Devine’s Set // jigs
Track 23. Kathleen McGinley’s and The Japanese Hornpipe // hornpipes
Track 24. Kathleen McGinley’s // jigs
Track 25. Joe Cassidy’s and Mickey Doherty’s // hornpipes
Track 26. The Cage and Toss the Feathers // reels
Track 27. The Sligoman, The Glendowan Reel and Rakish Paddy // reels
Track 28. The Sportin’ Belles and Fergal O’Gara’s // reels
Track 29. The New Copperplate and The Old Copperplate // reels
Track 30. McFarley’s and The Silver Spire // reels

The total playing time of this CD is 79.10 minutes

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