Fortune Favours the Merry - Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington

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This is an album of joyous, uncontrived music on flute and fiddle from two musicians with both talent and experience. Peter Horan is from Killavil, Co. Sligo, and is a veteran of Irish traditional music. Growing up in 'fiddle country' meant that his flute style was largely free of the influence of other players, and he is now the last exponent of a unique style of flute playing which is not unlike the local fiddle style. Gerry Harrington is from Kenmare, Co. Kerry, and is now living in Lismore, Co. Waterford. His fiddle style is predominantly that of Sliabh Luachra. Gerry is a highly respected musician who has made several other recordings. Ollie Ross brings a lovely touch to the album with lively, intuitive accompaniment on piano.

"Peter and Gerry create a tight blend of wind and string in which neither dominates. The music is played in a clean, spirited fashion without sacrificing any of their individual capacity to grace the music. You will enjoy listening to their music as much as they enjoy playing it." Paddy Ryan

Musicians: Frankie Gavin - Fiddle & Flute

Guests: Brian McGrath - Piano & Banjo
Alec Finn - Bouzouki
Sean Gavin - Accordion

1 The Man Of The House / The Providence Reel (Reels) 2:38
2 Maud Miller (Reel) 2:23
3 Miss Langfords Reel / The Tailors Thimble (Reels) 2:40
4 Sliabh na mBan (Air) 4:45
5 Jenny Picking Cockles / Farewell To Connaught (Reels) 2:27
6 The Primrose Vale / Leitrim Fancy (Jigs) 2:57
7 The Mystery Reel (Reel) 2:37
8 Lucy Campbell (Reel) 3:13
9 The Night Cap / The Frost Is All Over (Jigs) 2:43
10 Wheels Of The World / Delaney's Frolics (Reels) 4:34
11 Byrne's Hornpipe / Mullinger Races (Hornpipes) 3:16
12 Maid Of Mount Kisco (Reel) 2:20
13 The New Road / Fisherman's Lift / Humours Of Westport (Reels) 2:45
14 She Lived Beside The Anner (Slow Art) 2:45
15 Micho Russell's Mason's Apron (Reel) 2:35
16 Flogging Reel / Johnny Gorman's (Reels) 3:04
17 Wonder Hornpipe / The Foxhunters Reel (Hornpipe/Reel) 4:42
18 Free And Easy

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