Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland Volume 3

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50 songs in each book with words, music and guitar chords, plus useful notes on each song.

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Publisher:  Ossian

IBSN: O-946005-02-8

Song Listing

Bread and Fishes (Wind in the Willows) - As I Roved Out - Down by the Liffeyside - Red is the Rose - Down where the Bees are Hummin' - Fiddler's Green - Where my Eileen is Waiting - Old Woman from Wexford - The Band played Waltzing Mathilda - Sweet Carnloch Bay - I Never Will Marry - The Rose of Allendale - Monto - Master McGrath - The Town I Loved So Well - The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee - Henry My Son - Dicey Reilly - Hot Asphalt - The Jolly Beggar - Bold Thady Quill - Limerick is Beautiful - The Bard of Armagh - Lanigan's Ball- The Sea Around Us - Four Green Fields - Raglan Road - Arthur McBride - Finnegan's Wake - The Green Fields of France - McAlpine's Fusileers - The Zoological Gardens - Kimmage - All for me Grog - Do You Want Your Old Lobby - The Lark in the Morning - Only Our Rivers Run Free - the Glendalough Saint - The Bog Down in the Valley-O - Dublin Jack of All Trades - Greenland Whale Fisheries - The Shoals of Herring - Henry Joy - Since Maggie Went Away - The Waxie's Dargle - The Star of the County Down - Dirty Old Town - A Bunch of Thyme - Reilly's Daughter

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