Druids, Dudes and Beauty Queens: The Chaning Face of Irish Theatre le Dermot Bolger

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Druids, Dudes and Beauty Queens is a kaleidoscope of snapshots of the changing face of Irish theatre, containing conflicting and often controversial opinions on the work of playwrights Martin McDonagh and Marina Carr, along with studies of the plays of Billy Roche, Donal O'Kelly, Brian Friel, and numerous others. Essays on Irish women playwrights, representations of the Northern conflict, and the state of the Irish language theatre are set against internationalperceptions of Irish theatre from France, Hungary, and the Edinburgh Festival. Incorporating extracts from the diary of the Abbey Theatre's artistic director with intimate accounts of life within drama companies in Dublin and Cork, the book explores the rich tapestry of contemporary theatre, and questions whether the Celtic Tiger will prove a blessing or a disaster for the Irish stage. With contributions from some of the foremost names in Irish theatre today, editor Dermot Bolger has provided a forum for academics, critics, authors, and theatre professionals to examine the art and its industry. Dedicated as a Festschrift to Phelim Donlan, Druids, Dudes and Beauty Queens is a provacative and engaging book designed to settle and cause arguments.

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