Bishop’s Delight - Patrick Mc Ginley

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Taoiseach Jim Maguire has disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Two rival journalists, Kevin Woody and Tony Sweetman, compete to write the most telling version of the murky events surrounding Maguire’s vanishing act.

As Woody and Sweetman navigate their turbulent personal lives while trying to keep the story of Maguire’s disappearance alive for another day, it begins to emerge that there may have been more to the missing Taoiseach than his political career. What is the truth about Maguire, and what is the mysterious Bishop’s Delight?

Bishop’s Delight shows novelist Patrick McGinley at his mesmerising best, showcasing his formidable literary style, his ever-present dark humour and his uncanny ability to explore uncomfortable truths.

About the Author

Patrick McGinley was born in Glencolmcille, Co. Donegal, and lives in Kent. Educated at Galway University, he later moved to London to work in publishing. His novels include Bogmail, Goosefoot, Fox Prints, Foggage and Cold Spring. His Donegal childhood is described in his poignant memoir, That Unearthly Valley.

Patrick McGinley also wrote Bogmail, Cold Spring and Unearthly Valley

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