Wolf and Clover - Live at the Silvan Sessions

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Wolf & Clover takes inspiration from a variety of musical genres, with heavy influence coming from the Irish (and other Celtic) traditions as well as the individual backgrounds of each member of the group. We like new tunes, especially Irish-style tunes written by living composers, and the oldest of the old at the same time. Sometimes we take risks with harmony and decorations.

Wolf & Clover is also committed to An Ghaeilge (the Irish Language) and has worked on several recording projects with singers in that language. Our new album, twelvemonth and a day contains two songs sung in the Irish language.

Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting -

1. The Columbus Set (Molly Bawn, River Skimmer, Winter in Columbus) 4:21
2. The First Avenue Set (At the Top of Cork Road, First Avenue, The Merry Maiden) 2:39
3. After the Battle of Aughrim / Eleanor Plunkett 8:21
4. The Suitor Set (Emma’s Waltz, Lonesome Eyes, The Four Kisses) 6:41
5. The Blarney Pilgrim 3:06
6. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music 6:19

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