Vincent Campbell - The Purple Heather

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Ceol Traidisiúnta Thír Chonaill
Traditional Fiddle Music from Donegal

Is fada Vincent Campbell luaite mar dhuine de laochra ceoil agus seanchais Thír Chonaill. Tá sé sáite i gcultúr agus teanga na gCruach – cultúir a théann siar níos faide ná an stair fhéin. Clúdaionn an CD seo saol ceoil Vincent siar chomh fada le 1962.

Vincent Campbell’s importance in traditional music has long been recognised and appreciated. This double CD offers the listener a comprehensive overview of Vincent’s playing (1962 – 2009) on CD 1, combined with some samples of Vincent’s stories in his native Irish language on CD 2. The stories illustrate the way that the music is inevitably linked to people and places.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

Track 1 The Wild Irishman (Reel)
Track 2 The Doon Reel (Reel)
Track 3 The Donegal Reel (Reel)
Track 4 Tá Gleann Beag Aoibhinn in Éirinn (Air)
Track 5 Roaring Mary (Reel)
Track 6 Miss MacLeod's (Reel)
Track 7 Lucy Campbell's (Reel)
Track 8 Cathal Rua (Reel)
Track 9 Untitled (Mazurka)
Track 10 King George IV (Highland)
Track 11 Story intro to the Fantastic Reel (Speech)
Track 12 The Fantastic Reel (Reel)
Track 13 Drowsey Maggie (Reel)
Track 14 Stirling Castle (Highland)
Track 15 The Laddie with the Pladdie (Highland)
Track 16 The Milita (Waltz)
Track 17 The Cuckoo (Waltz)
Track 18 The Newfoundland (Reel)
Track 19 Story intro to the Titanic Reel (Speech)
Track 20 The Titanic (Reel)
Track 21 The Shamrock (Barndance)
Track 22 Hughie McGinley's (Highland)
Track 23 Highland a' Coille (Highland)
Track 24 Pigeon on the Gate (Highland)
Track 25 The Gweebarra Bridge (Reel)
Track 26 Stormy Weather (Reel)
Track 27 The Merry Sisters (Reel)
Track 28 Mickey Doherty's (Slip Jig)
Track 29 Story intro to the Wind that Shakes the Barley (Speech)
Track 30 The Wind that Shakes the Barley (bagpipe style) (Reel)
Track 31 Caoineadh Aileach (Lament)
Track 32 The Shores of the Lake (Jig)
Track 33 The Purple Heather (Hornpipe)
Track 34 The Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)
Track 35 Story intro The Glen Man's Ramble (Speech)
Track 36 The Glen Man's Ramble (Reel)
Track 37 The Coatie Lan (Cotillion)
Track 38 Fisher's (Hornpipe)
Track 39 John Johnny Phádraig's (Polka)
Track 40 Untitled Four Part Polka (Polka)
Track 41 Pretty Peg (Reel)
Track 42 Fáscadh mo Léine (Reel)
Track 43 Máire na Sop (Reel)

CD 2
Track 1 John Mhosai's (Hornpipe)
Track 2 Story intro to the Back Door in Irish (Speech)
Track 3 The Back Door (Highland)
Track 4 Story intro to the Back Door in English (Speech)
Track 5 Story intro to Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Speech)
Track 6 Cailini Ard a' Ratha (Highland)
Track 7 Stirling Castle (Highland)
Track 8 Mrs Kenny's (Waltz)
Track 9 Story intro to the Gypsy Mór's German (Speech)
Track 10 The Gypsy Mór's German (German)
Track 11 Story about Lilter James Toland (Speech)
Track 12 Paddy Catt (Paddy Catt)
Track 13 Maggie Pickie (Maggie Pickie)
Track 14 Story intro to Tuam na Farraige (Speech)
Track 15 Tuam na Farraige (Air)
Track 16 Story intro to the Silver Spire (Speech)
Track 17 The Silver Spire (Reel)
Track 18 Story about the Tinsmith's toolkit (Speech)
Track 19 The Oak Tree (Reel)
Track 20 Story intro to Moll an Tiarna (Speech)
Track 21 Moll an Tiarna (Reel)
Track 22 The Enniskillen Dragoons (bagpipe style) (March)
Track 23 The Ship Leaves the Harbour Tomorrow (Reel)
Track 24 Sean McLaughlin's (Air)
Track 25 Story intro to Síos an Bealach Mór (Speech)
Track 26 Síos an Bealach Mór (Highland)
Track 27 Story intro to Miss Patterson's slippers (Speech)
Track 28 Miss Patterson's slippers (Reel)
Track 29 Story about the Bog Oak Fiddle (Speech)
Track 30 Untitled (Highland)
Track 31 Story intro to Jackson's reel (Speech)
Track 32 Jackson's (Reel)
Track 33 Story of the Mín a' Toitean Bull (Speech)
Track 34 The Drunken Piper (March)
Track 35 Story intro to the Corn Rigs (Speech)
Track 36 The Corn Rigs (Corn Rigs)
Track 37 Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In Irish (Speech)
Track 38 Fáscadh mo Léine / The Silver Spire (Reels)
Track 39 Story intro to Fáscadh mo Léine - In English (Speech)
Track 40 Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In Irish (Speech)
Track 41 Muilleann na Maidí (Reel)
Track 42 Story intro to Muilleann na Maidí - In English (Speech)
Track 43 The Cock's Tail / The Newfoundland (Reels)

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