The Hour Before Dawn - Solas

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Solas was an American musical group officially formed in 1996, playing Irish traditional music as well as original compositions influenced by the country, rock, and americana genres. With several members who are prominent performers, both solo and in other constellations in the irish traditional music scene, Solas has been described as a "Supergroup".

Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting –

  1. Bheadh Buachaillin Deas Ag Sile
  2. Granny Quinn's / The Lilac Reel / Sporting Pat
  3. Last Of The Great Whales
  4. A Little Child
  5. A Miner's Life
  6. What's Up With Win / Sonny Brogan's / Cahal's Jig
  7. When My Love And I Parted
  8. Homeless
  9. Boy / Girl Tune
  10. Bruach Na Carraige Baine
  11. Bonnie Mae
  12. The New Custom House / The Flavor Of The Month / The Tinker's Daughter / Dogs Among The Bushes / Pinch Of Snuff
  13. I Will Remember You

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