The Grouse in the Heather / An Chearc Fhraoigh – P.J. & Marcus Hernon

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A collection of reels, jigs, and slow airs by Marcus & P.J. Herron.

Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisitng -

  1. The Grouse in the Heather
  2. The Hunted Pheasant
  3. The Snipe in the Marsh
  4. The Curlew’s Cry
  5. The Invisible Corncrake
  6. The Peeping Plover
  7. The Squeaking Woodcock
  8. The Chattering Stormcock
  9. The Musical Thrush
  10. the Herring Gull
  11. The Diving Gannet
  12. The Golden Plover
  13. The Bobbing Sandpiper
  14. The Linnet’s Chorus
  15. The Beautiful Goldfinch
  16. The Hoovering Kestrial
  17. The Lady’s Falcon
  18. The Lonely Bittern
  19. The Nesting Goldcrest
  20. The Warbing Robin
  21. The Kingfisher’s Delight
  22. The Dark Eyed Raven
  23. The Bare-Faced Crow

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