The Bodhrán Book - Steáfán Hannigan

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Steáfán Hannigan’s one and only Bodhrán Book will tell you all that’s worth knowing about the intricacies of traditional bodhrán-playing.

Learn all about the many and varied techniques through the expert and detailed instructions.

In this tutor Steáfán takes nothing for granted – the beginner will be slowly and carefully guided with numerous examples and exercises. Included are sections on the various types of traditonal dance music with suggested ways of accompaniement as well as a care and maintenance section, a music-help section, a discography and a guide to bodhrán history and manufacture. Steáfan himself is an eminent professional musician and teacher, as well as a maker of instruments. He is well-known along the folk circuit in Ireland, Britain and the Content for playing bodhrán, flute, whistle, bouzouki and uileann pipes.

ISBN 0 9 46005 40 0

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