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8 ndílise bhána, 2 - 4 imreoir (nó dhá fhoireann).

Seal ar seal, caitheann na himreoirí na dislí. Ag baint úsáid as na litreacha a thaispeántar, déanann siad iarracht an focal is faide ina ndath féin a chruthú.

Faigheann an focal is faide pointe amháin in ngach seal nó coinnítear comhaireamh ar fhad na bhfocail.

8 white dice, two - four players or two teams.

Aim of the game:

The players throw the dice and using the letters shown on the top face of their dice they attempt to create the longest word. The longest word in each round is awarded a point, after nine rounds the player with the highest score is the winner.

A simple game to practice and improve your vocabulary.

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