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A flock of fascinating female fiddlers from the Donegal tradition makes for music of divine proportions and this cd doesn't fail to deliver.

This federation of fiddlers brings to mind the cd done by Liz Doherty during her liason with University of Cork in the late 90's and early 2000 when she brought out a cd of similar ilk titled "Racket In The Rectory" which was a very cosmopolitan mix of different nationalities within the college but with very positive results.

Twenty years later in September 2020, cometh the Sí Fiddles!

Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting -

1. Jackson's, The Oak Tree (reels)

2. Hudaí Gallagher's March, Humours of Whiskey, James Byrne's (slip jigs)

3. Stirling Castle Strathspey, Spey and Spate, The Gladstone (reels)

4. The Silver Slipper, The Ranafast Jig

5. The Pratie Apples (air), The Dark Haired Girl (reel), The Tin-Ware Lass (barndance)

6. Francie Mooney's, Vincent Campbell's (mazurkas)

7. Kitty Seán's Barndance, The Launching of the Boat, Old Cuffe Street (reels)

8. Port Dún Ulún, Gráinne's Jig

9. The Glory Reel, Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth (strathspey)

The Gravel Walks to Greannaigh (reel)

10. The Rosses Highland, Bean a'Tí ar Lár, The Wild Irishman (reels)

11. Tune for Frankie (air), The Red Crow (reel)

12. Paddy's Trip to Scotland, Dinky Dorrian's, The Shetland Fiddler (reels)

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