Seanchairde / Old Friends - Dermy Diamond, Tara Diamond, and Daithí Sproule

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"Tara, Dermy and Daithí play with a depth and understanding which gives their music a timeless and refreshing quality." Mairead Ní Mhaonaigh.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

1. reels: Danny O Donnell's, The Cedars of Lebanon, The Milliner's Daughter
2. jigs: The Humours of Glynn, The Cordal, Paddy Taylor's
3. The Belle of the Ball, If There Weren't any Women in the World
4. reels: The Boy in the Boat, The Boy in the Gap
5. planxty: Madam Maxwell .
6. jigs: The Woods of Old Limerick, Statia Donnelly's
7. highlands: Maggie Pickens, Barny Bhriana's
8. air: The Parting Glass
9. reels: Miss McGuinness, The Stoney Steps
10. hornpipes: Paul Ha'penny, The Plains of Boyle
11. jigs: Up and About in the Morning, An Rógaire Dubh
12. polkas: The Return of Spring, The Mountain Path
13. reels: The Lady on the Island, The Sailor on the Rock
14. jigs: Shandon's Bells, Condon's Frolics
15. reels: The Three Scones of Boxty, Little Katie Taylor

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