Saints of the Celtic Church - Martin Wallace

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When the Roman Empite collapded it was the Celtic churches on the periphery of Western Europe, notably those of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, who kept the flames of Christianity alight. Saints of the Celtic Church tells the story of the men and women who, throughout the sixth and seventh centuries, traveled throughout Europe in the battle against paganism. Most of the saints in this book belong to that golden age of the Celtic Church.

The stories of St. Patrick, St. Brigid and Brendan the Navigator may be best known but those of Columba of Iona, David of Wales and Aidan of Lindisfarne are, amongst others, equally intriguing. All can be a mixture of fact and legend. Fact is certainly discernible in the stone remains of their buildings, less often in the fanciful biographies written centuries after their deaths. But who knows where truth ends and myths begins?

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