Peter Weinreich - Working in Ireland

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A bilingual German - English book that captures Peter Weinreich's beatiful art work during his time in Glencolmcille.

Ireland has changed dramatically in the four decades in which Peter Weinreich has been living and working there. The smell of peat fires has waned in Glencolmcille, houses are being built in a less traditional manner, and there are more tourists these days. With a discerning eye Peter Weinreich noticed the changes but they didn't affect his art work. His bond to the place and his affection for the people is unabated. When he arrives today in Glencolmcille, still everything is familiar and constantly new at the same time: the regular's place in the pub with the sea view, where you can watch the Atlantic foaming with rage in stormy weather; the rock-grey stone walls speckled with moss patches; sheep marked with spray paint running across the fields; the valley sometimes hazy, nearly hidden in the mist, sometimes glowing in colour when touched by passing sunbeams. All of that is the base for Peter Weinreich's art work, it is not conceivable without it.

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