Oileán na nDraoithe - Proinsias Mac a’ Bhaird

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Triúr laoch tréan a théann i gcomórtas le chéile leis na draoithe damanta a dhíbirt ó Oileán na nDraoithe go deo. Ach cé acu a bheas an bua?

Tá draíocht, geasa agus siamsaíocht i ngach casadh den scéal.

Three unlikely heroes compete to see who will get the chance to rid ‘Oileán na nDraoithe’ of the vile and noxious wizards who command there, tormenting the inhabitants. But will the chosen hero succeed against the wizards?

There is magic and fun in this lively retelling of a mythical tale from North West Donegal.

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