Michael Coleman 1891-1945

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Bhunaigh ceiríní Michael Coleman, a eisíodh í Méiriceá idir 1921 agus 1936, caighdeán nua foirfeachta i seinm an fhidil agus ghnóthaigh siad buanionad do mar an té ba mhó a d’imir tionchar ar cheol na hÉireann san 20ú haois.

The double CD comes with a revised edition of the Harry Bradshaw biography of Coleman which features photos and interviews with people who knew Coleman. Michael Coleman (1891-1945), emigrated to the USA where he enjoyed a very successful recording career. His records have influenced generations of players. Coleman was a master musician and the exemplar of the Sligo style of fiddle playing. So famous is Coleman that the area of south Sligo where he came from is known in music circles as ‘Coleman Country’

CD 1
1. Lord McDonald. (Reels)
2. Cherish the Ladies. (Jig)
3. The Boys of the Lough. (Reels)
4. The Liverpool, O’Neill’s (Hornpipes)
5. The Shaskeen. ( Reels)
6. Jackson’s. (Jig)
7. Farrell O’Gara. ( Reels)
8. James Gannon’s. ( Barndance)
9. The Crooked Road to Dublin. (Reels)
10. Lord Gordon. (Reel)
11. The Frost is all Over. (Jigs)
12. Reidy Johnson’s. (Reels)
13. The Job of Journeywork. (Set Dance)
14. Rakish Paddy. (Reels)
15. Tobin’s Fancy. (Jigs)
16. Crowley’s. (Reels)
17. Casey’s. (Polkas)
18. The Keryman’s Daughter, The Bird in the Tree. (Reels)
19. Up Sligo. (Jigs)
20. Lucy Campbell. (Reel)
21. McDermott’s. ( Hornpipes)
22. Doctor Gilbert, The Queen of May. (Reels)
23. The Humours of Ennistymon. ( Jigs)
24. The Green Fields of America, The Swallow’s Tail. (Reels)

1. The Grey Goose. ( Jig)
2. The Morning Dew, The Women of the House. (Reels)
3. Murray’s Fancy. (Hornpipes)
4. The Foxhunter. (Slip Jigs)
5. The Duke of Leinster, And His Wife. (Reels)
6. Larry O’Gaff. (Jigs)
7. The Reel Blackthorn Stick. (Reels)
8. Murphy’s Hornpipe.
9. Jackson’s Morning Brush, The Rambling Pitchfork. (Jigs)
10. Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor’s Bonnet. (Reels)
11. The Sailor on the Rock. (Reels)
12. The Monaghan Jig.
13. The Pigeon on the Gate. (Reels)
14. Apples in Winter. (Jigs)
15. Bonnie Kate, Jenny’s Chickens. (Reels)
16. The Frieze Britches. (Jig)
17. The Stage, The Western. (Hornpipes)
18. Paddy Ryan’s Dream. (Reels)
19. Tell Her I Am. (Jigs)
20. The Kerry Reel, The Boyne Hunt. (Reels)
21. Tommy’s Hill’s Favourite. ( Hornpipes)
22. Killarney Wonder. ( Schottisches)
23. Farewell to Ireland. (Reels)
24. Mrs. Kenny’s. (Barndance)

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