Hóng – Anna Heussaff

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Is cluiche iontach é Hóng, a imríonn Evan ar a ríomhaire an t-am ar fad. Ach tá imreoir eile, Yin, ag impí air cabhrú léi. Cé hí Yin agus cén fáth go bhfuil eagla uirthi – ní istigh sa chluiche, ach sa saol mór? Conas a chuirfidh Evan, a chara Rio agus a dheirfiúr Síofra stop le gnó salach in Éirinn agus i gcéin?

Beidh léitheoirí óga ag casadh na leathanach ó thús go deireadh.

Hóng is a computer game Evan loves to play on the internet. However, he gets a strange message from another player, Yin, begging for help – not inside the game, but out in the wide world. Who is Yin and what is she afraid of? Can Evan, his friend, Rio, and his sister, Síofra, put a stop to some dirty business, not only in Ireland but on the far side of the world in China?

HÓNG will keep young readers turning the pages to the very end. It is a very suitable as a classroom novel in Irish, and includes a glossary of words at the back.

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