Giving Shine – Ann McKay

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These are poems from the corners of the real, amazing world, where teenagers in love find refuge in the public spaces of a hospital, where a crisis in the pork-processing business enters the life of the imagination. Hamlet lives with his mother in Rossdowney; Anubis materialises on the Craigavon Bridge.

Ann McKay’s own voice is in the poems. It has the accent of the home place but it is not folksy; it can say what it likes:

in a yurt made from the pelts of domestic pets,
she cooks on a fire of literature –


The People’s Friens, The Song of Songs,
lucky scratchcards, urgent tracts,
loved-up dedicated Woodland Tales.
A chant gathers, a pledge to
give the shine to all the
baby’s-bottle-temperate sweetness,
lion’s-belly-treasure light.

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