Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume 3

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Fiddle playing in the traditional styles of Donegal, recorded live at the Donegal Fiddlers' Summer School in Gleann Cholm Cille in 1999. Featuring Dermot Mc Laughlin, Jimmy Campbell, Peter Campbell, John Byrne, Derek Mc Ginley & Matthew Mc Granahan.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

  • The Rannafast Jig (Jig)
  • Miss McLeods (Reel)
  • Miss Patterson’s Slippers (Reel)
  • The Wedding Jig (Jig)
  • The Flogging Reel (Reel)
  • The Swallow’s Tail (Reel)
  • Joe Byrne’s and the Curlew Hills (Barndances)
  • When the Ship Leaves the Harbour (Air)
  • Untitled and the Inishmurray (Barndance/Hornpipe)
  • John Gallagher’s (Waltz)
  • Is Cuma Liom (Reel)
  • Easter Snow (Air)
  • The Morning Dew and Cregg’s Pipes (Reels)
  • The Marquis of Huntley’s Farewell and Shetland’s Welcome to the Cape Breton Fiddlers (Strathspey/Reel)
  • Leaving Lerwick Harbour (Air)
  • The Floating Crowbar and The Boys of the Lough (Reels)
  • 2 Mazurkas (Mazurkas)
  • Paddy’s Rambles Through the Park and Castle Brae Highland (Air/Highland)
  • Dinkie Dorrian’s and King George IV (Reel)

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