Fiddle Music of Donegal. Volume 2

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Fiddle playing in the traditional styles of Donegal, recorded live at the Donegal Fiddlers' Summer School in Gleann Cholm Cille in 1997. Featuring James Byrne, Vincent Campbell, Ronan Galvin, Maurice Bradley, Roisin Mc Grory, Damien Harrigan & Stephen Campbell.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

1. John Mhosaí McGinley's (Hornpipe)
2. King George IVth (Highland)
3. Rí Cathaoir Rua Cabhain (Reel)
4. Highlands Choille/Cailíní Ard / Ratha (Highlands)
5. Mazurka
6. The Old Wheel of Fortune (Single Reel)
7. Con Cassidys/Doodley, Doodley Dank (Jig and Slip Jig)
8. The Balmoral Highlanders (March)
9. Caileach an Airgead/Bean Baint Duileasc agus Fhluich Sí a Léine (Double Jigs)
10. An Bairseach Mná, Saotheadh an Bháid/Rí Chiarain Uí Rathallaigh (Reels)
11. An Cuilfhionn (Air)
12. Casey's Pig/Dúlamán na Binne Búidhe (Highlands)
13. Kitty Sheain's/The Dance of the Honeybees (Barndances)
14. Port an Chonchobháir/Port gan Ainm (Jigs)
15. The Pigeon on the Gate/Jenny Picking Cockles (Reels)
16. John Byrne's (Jig)
17. The McConnell's Highland/Highland Choille (Highlands)
18. The Liverpool/The Derry (Hornpipes)
19. Miss Monaghan (Reel)
20. Con McGinley's/Moneymusk (Highlands)
21. Alec McConnell's (Waltz)
22. The Cameronian (Reel)
23. The Rising of the Sun/The Pigeon on the Gate (Reels)

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