Father Browne’s Donegal le E E O’Donnell SJ

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The subject matter of this beautiful collection of photographs includes seascapes, fair days, castles, antiquities and of course people, at work and at play. Father Browne has perfectly captured the Donegal of the first half of the twentieth century. Father Frank Browne took over 600 photographs in Co Donegal between 1909 and 1954. Some were taken when holidaying with the Jesuit community, but the majority were taken when he was giving Parish Missions - since his preaching took place in the evening, he had plenty of daylight hours for photography. Frank Browne was interested in antiquities and in Donegal he was particularly attracted to the early Christian cross-slabs and Celtic Crosses. He also took many photos of St Eunan's Cathedral and the nearby College of St Eunan.

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