Drawing Support 4: Murals and Conflict in Northern Ireland – Bill Rolston

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Almost twenty years after the 1994 ceasefires in Northern Ireland and fifteen years since the signing of the historic Good Friday Agreement, loyalists and republicans continue to paint murals as they have done – in the case of loyalists – since 1908 – and – in the case of republicans – since 1981.

But the themes have changed. Where once military imagery dominated, especially in loyalists murals, now artsists on both sides select from a wider palette when choosing themes. There is still a strong political message in many of the murals as each community seeks to come to terms with the comprimeses necessary for peace and the slow task of conflict transformation.

This unique collection of photographs explores the changes in mural painting in the last decade and briefly considers other sources of mural painting which have emerged during the period.

Drawing Support - Murals in the North of Ireland

Drawing Support 2 - Murals of War and Peace

Drawing Support 3 - Murals and Transition in the North of Ireland

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