Donegal Annual / Bliainiris Dhún na nGall

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The Donegal Annual is the official journal of the Donegal Historical Society, edited by Seán Beattie.

Table of Contents

Part One

  • Colmcille’s Birth and Associated Traditions – Brian Lacey
  • In the Scribal Tradition: Seamus Heaney’s Perspective – Seán Beattie
  • Colmcille at Gweebarra Bay  – Vincent O’Donnell
  • Cornelia Adair, Glenveagh Castle and Colmcille – Rev. Ray Blair
  • Columban Scriptoria: An Independent Line of Transmission for Cenél Conalll Genealogies – Tomás G. Ó Canann
  • Colm Cille: Comóradh 1897 i nGartán – Nollaig MacCongáil
  • Colmcille in the Donegal Bay Area – Helen Meehan
  • Drumhome: Heritage Sites – Pierce Ferriter
  • Did Colmcille Ever Set Foot in Glencolmcille? – Lochlann McGill
  • The Vikings and the County Donegal Paruchia of Colum Cille – Darren McGettigan
  • The Saint and the Sage: Colmcille and James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake – Donal Manning
  • Harry Clarke Window and Colmcille – Seán Boner
  • St. Columba as a Territorial Lord – Max Adams
  • Colm Cille agus Oidhreacht Chloich Cheann Fhaola – Seosamh Ó Ceallaigh
  • St Columba Fourteenth Century Centenary Celebrations – Canon David Crooks
  • Curragh to Iona – Seán Boner
  • The New Cathedral of St Columb’s in Derry – William Roulston

Part Two

  • Inishowen and the War of Independence – John Reynolds
  • The Burtonport Incident, May 1921 and the Treaty Vote – Seán Boner
  • Book Reviews
  • Donegal Bibliography 2020-21 – Rory Gallagher

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