Cúpla - Ógie Ó Céilleachair

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Cúpla iad Sharon agus Éile agus iad beirt cúig bliana déag d’aois, tá Éile ciúin agus Sharon fiáin. Tá an Teastas Sóisearach ag druidim leo ach lá amháin titeann an tóin as saol Sharon agus ní fhágtar áit ar bith don staidéar. Tá allacht agus uafas ar Éile, ach céard is féidir léi a dhéanamh faoi.

Fifteen year-olds Sharon and Éile are twins. They may look alike but the two girls couldn't be more different. Éile is a quiet and studious girl. Sharon, on the other hand, is wild and always in trouble. It's nearly time for the girls to sit their Junior Certificate and time for the troublesome twin to hit the books, but one day she sees something that shakes her to the core. Study is the furthest thing from her mind as she tries to forget her shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Éile is stunned and terrified as she watches Sharon spiral out of control. Can Éile help her twin sister? Or is it too late?

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