Colourful Irish Phrases - Micheál Ó Conghaile

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The Irish language has made a huge contribution to the English language as it’s spoken in Ireland and beyond. Micheál Ó Conghaile's 'Colourful Irish Phrases' is a small compendium of characteristic phrases that will alert the reader to the unmistakable difference between our native language and English. Even the most basic words are expressed so differently. Please in Irish is ‘Más é do thoil é (If it is your will)’, and thanks becomes ‘Go raibh maith agat (May you receive good)’. There are many phrases that when translated, word for word, they sound different, unusual and sometimes funny. But above all, they are rich and deeply rooted. This is invaluable collection of phrases, some still used daily, others almost forgotten that illustrate just how rich and lyrical Irish can be.

Topics covered range across subjects as diverse as insults and put-downs, being human, bad behaviour, age, daily life, hard times, comparisons and the gift of the gab.

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