Clann Lir - Declan Collinge

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The Fadó Irish Legend Series is a series of six bilingual books of timeless Irish Legends that will fascinate and enthral younger readers while also encouraging an appreciation of the Irish Language. Written by author, educator and bilingual poet, Declan Collinge, these stories are presented in both Irish and English and are beautifully illustrated by Nicola Sedgwick.

The Children of Lir follows the story of four siblings, three boys, and one girl. Their mother died but their father Lir, quickly remarried Aoife, she grew jealous of the four kids because their father loved them so much. She wanted to get rid of the children. Aoife put a spell on the children and turned them into swans, the spell was to last for 900 years. Only the sound of a church bell could break the spell.

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