Cá Bhfuil Puifín Beag? - Erika McGann & Gerry Daly

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Tá puifín beag fiosrach ina cónaí ar Sceilg Mhichíl.
Ach níl a tuismitheoirí in ann teacht uirthi ina bpoll.
Cá bhfuil sí?

Is maith an rud é go bhfuil ainmhithe agus éanlaithe na Sceilge réidh chun cabhrú.

Where are you, Puffling?

This puffling has an adventourous side but it gets her into trouble as she loses her way and her parents can’t find her anywhere!

Her parents are looking everywehre and asking the other animals if they have seen their puffling.

Luckily the animals come together on Sceilg Mhichíl to help the puffling to reunite with her parents!

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