Buntús Foclóra / The First 1000 Words in Irish

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‘Buntús Foclóra’ is full of valuable learning opportunities for children of various ages and backgrounds. Young Irish speakers will enjoy looking at the pictures and discussing what they see. For English speakers, it is a perfect opportunity to acquire a basic Irish vocabulary. Young pupils will learn new words by associating them with pictures.

Leabhar d'fhoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge is ea ‘Buntús Foclóra’. Tá sé breaclán de dheiseanna foghlama don aos óg. Thig le Gaeilgeoirí óga breathnú ar na pictiúir agus labhairt faoina bhfeiceann said. Thig le Béarlóirí óga buntús taitneamhach a chur lena bhfoclóirín Gaeilge. Thig le foghlaimeoirí óga focal nua a fhoghlaim i gcomhthéacs na bpictiúr.

For Parents

If your child is beginning to learn Irish, be it at an Irish- or English-medium school, ‘Buntús Foclóra’ gets them off to a great start. This children’s picture dictionary has been specifically designed so that parents can use it with their children, with a picture for every word to aid comprehension. It covers everyday topics including ‘At Home’, ‘At School’, ‘The Family’, ‘Clothes’, ‘On the Farm’, ‘Sport and Pastimes’, At The – ‘Seaside’, ‘Shop’, ‘Zoo’, The ‘Doctor,’ ‘The Hospital’and ‘The Airport’, ‘Numbers and Days’, ‘Weather and Seasons’, and ‘Colours and Shapes’.

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