Buntús Cainte 1, 2 & 3

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A first step in spoken Irish.

An easily graded course for beginners who will not have the advantage of a teacher’s help. Uses standard pronunciation. Buntús Cainte is one of the most successful courses in Irish and is in continual demand. The material from the original recordings has been remastered and is now available online on a wide variety of platforms. They can be accessed easily by scanning the QR code with your phone or tablet, or by typing the web address into your internet browser.

The lessons in these books follow a regular pattern, each containing five separate sections.

  • New material.
  • Four basic sentences.
  • Revisionary sentences.
  • Additional new material.
  • Conversational situation in which the material learned is used.

Complete course pack or available separately. Please note that all editions now come with a QR code instead of CD.

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