Bodhrán Basics - Steáfán Hannigan

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An introductory course in the art of playing the bodhran covering all the basic techniques needed to accompany traditional and other music.

(CD included).

Complete beginners pack withh illustrated 32 page book, crammed with features, diagrams and playing examples. Demonstration CD included, playing all the techniques from the book, plus traditional tunes to play along with.

Steáfán Hannigna is a native of Belfast, now settled in London. He is an All-Britain Uilleann Pipes champion and plays a multitude of other instruments including Bouzouki, Flute and Percussion. He is the author of The Bodhrán Book, CD and Video, and is also well-regarded as a teacher of Irish Traditional Music and a lecturer at University on Celtic aspects of World Music. He has worked on many radio and television projects, and has appeared on no less than 40 albums over the last few years as a session musician. His session work crosses the broadest musical boundaries, having recorded or toured with bands such as Chart toppers Depreche Mode, folk supergroup Band of Hope and Rap outfit Marxman.

ISBN 0-946005-87-7

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