Blown on a Breeze - Eunan McIntyre

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The singer/songwriter Eunan McIntyre comes from Gleann Cholm Cille in Co. Donegal. He composes beautiful songs, direct from the heart.

Songs where he remembers his childhood, his parents; his family, his love of nature, songs that touch you deep in your heart.

Eunan McIntyre's website:


  • The Harvest Song
  • The World Falls Madly Down on You
  • Dance to the Fiddle
  • The Ballad of Mick Heaney
  • The Rocky Road to Dublin
  • Fairy Tale Blown on a Breeze
  • Love DOn't Fly on Wings No More
  • Why Why Why
  • Kicking Up the Dirt
  • I Remember I Remember
  • I'm Alright Just Alright
  • Over the Mountains (The Malinbeg Song)

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