Banjaxed – Gráinne Tobin

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.Gráinne Tobin has a unique voice: wry, earthy, elegaic. She names herself ‘unbeliever’, but Banjaxed, this mature, accomplished first collection, reveals a poet who believes passionately in the strengths and beauty of the embodied human spirit.

Using precise, crafted language, in poems imbued with wit and deep appreciationof the ‘thisness’ of life as we live it sh recovers childhood memories, explores the bond between daughter and mother, celebrates lost friends; married and unmarried partnership.

At home in the company of women, she recreates their humour and courage confronting the Trobles, illness, aging. Her poems – following the counsel of a ‘stedious’ mother – step off the page ‘prudent, brave and blithe.’

~ Ann Zell

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