Asterix agus an Fear Feasa

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Buaileann stoirm thoirní an sráidbhaile sa Ghaill. An bhfuil fearg ar na déithe? Tagann fear feasa go dtí an sráidbhaile agus meallann sé go leor de chairde Asterix lena bhréaga. Níl Asterix in ann a chur ina luí ar a chairde piseogacha nach dtarlóidh na rudaí uafásacha atá á dtuar ag an bhfear feasa. Tá baol ann go mbeidh scoilt ina measc, rud a thaiteodh leis na Rómhanaigh, ar ndóigh.

During a violent thunderstorm, a strange fortune-telling soothsayer turns up in the Gaulish village, drawing Asterix’s friends into his web of enticing deception. In the midst of general confusion, Asterix is unable to convince his fellow villagers of the soothsayer’s deceit — whose warnings of foreboding are sure to rip the Gaulish village apart.

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