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Árainn Mhór

the first track taken from my forthcoming debut album as a recording artist, ' Árainn Mhór was written in homage to the place of my mother's birth, a small island of the coast of Donegal; a rugged beautifgul place of peace and tranquility; an emotional place of mystery, mystique, memories and of course, music, my true home, my nirvanna. 'Árainn Mhór' won the National Pan Celtic Song Contest in 2015, and whilst the interpretation of my former group, foireann Brí, was lovely this is how i truly envised it. There's something spiritual about returning to your roots, i sincerely hope i have captured this , and i sincerely  dedicate this song to my mum.

Thank you for mu Árainn Mhór childhood.

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