An Mileoidean Scaoilte - Johnny Connolly & Charlie Lennon

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Connemara musician Johnny Connolly Sr. is recognized as one of the great exponents of the one-row melodeon. While he also plays the two-row variety of button accordion, and has made several recordings previously on which he used both instruments, this latest offering is devoted entirely to the melodeon. Because of the limitations of that instrument, the player is required to come up with imaginative ways to set the melodies, and Connolly is a master at this.

In addition, his playing here is full of energy and spirit, but without being brash, and Charlie Lennon's excellent piano accompaniments complement Connolly's playing perfectly. Also contributing is sean-nos dancer Seosamh O'Neachtain.

Among the 17 tracks are four (7-10) which constitute the accompaniment for the Connemara Set.


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