An Cuimhin Leat Navan from Madison, WI

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An Cuimhin Leat is the first CD from Navan, followed by Mairneas, and Lowena.

From Madison, Wisconsin this is Celtic unaccompanied song, on four voices, in the languages of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.

Navan's melodies, harmonies and arrangements are a delicious blend of traditional and original, with lyrics drawn directly from the Celtic literary repertoire.

Track List:

1. Tuar Guil, A Cholaim, Do Cheol (O Dove, Your Song Is An Omen)
2. Déirín Dé (The Last Wisp of Smoke)
3. An Chailïn ÁLainn (The Lovely Girl)
4. An Cuimhin Leat An Oïche Ud (Do You Remember That Night)
5. Mo Nighean Donn As Bòidhche (My Lovely Brown-Haired Girl)
6. A Ghaoth Aneas (O South Wind)
7. Lon Doire An Chairn (Blackbird Of Doire An Chairn)
8. My Pan Esen Ow Kwandra (As I Was Walking)
9. A Chinn Álainn (O Lovely Head)
10. Cad Chuige Dhibh Dom’ Chiapadh? (Why Do You Torture Me?)
11. O Fhlùir Na h-Albann (O Flower Of Scotland)
12. Mac An Cheannaï (The Redeemer’s Son)
13. Grádh Liom (Love Be with Me)

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