Amach - Alan Titley

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‘Cá bhfuil tusa ag dul?' arsa mo mháthair liom agus mé in aice an dorais.
‘Amach,' arsa mise.
‘Cá bhfuil amach?' ar sise. ‘Tá amach an-mhór.'
‘Amach ansin,' arsa mise, mo mhéar á síneadh agam i dtreo na sráide, ‘tá a fhios agat.'
‘Níl a fhios agam,' ar sise. ‘Níl a fhios agam ar chor ar bith.'

My mother asked ‘Where are you going?’ as I stood at the door.
‘Out,’ I said.
‘Where’s out?’ she said. ‘Out is very big.’
‘Out there,’ I said pointing to the door. ‘You know.’

A prize-winning novel for young teenagers about a typical teenage boy and his friends.

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