“Agallamh na bhFilí” – Dialogue of the Poets – St. Colmcille, Seamus Heaney and Mad Sweeney – Liam McGinley

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This play is a work of fiction. The poetryu attributed to Seamus Heaney in this work is that of the author and all refernces to the great poet fictionalised. The style of the writing is magic realism like the stories of Fionn Mac Cumhall and Oisín. By using a central poetic vision, I have tried to make this work more relevant; this is done by the attempt to make the historic to our spiritual past better understyood and to convey something of the reason why St Colmcille set up the Pilgrimage in Glencolmcille in the first place. Brian Friel has been a great inspiration and he said in his play Translations; it is not the facts of history that make us but the images of the past embodied in language.

 This is a play in 3 acts and there is 3 characters.

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