Finding Fairy Mysteries in Donegal - Keith Corcoran

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Finding Fairy Mysteries in Donegal; Close Encounters with the Wee Folk’ is a follow up to Keith Corcoran’s modern folklore classic ‘Historical Mysteries and Legends of Donegal’. Early reviewers have described Keith’s new book as “magical”, “original” and “compelling”.


The authors fascination with the ‘good people’ took him on yet another four year investigative odyssey around his native county of Donegal, seeking out authentic fairy-related stories with a historical twist. During the course of his research, Keith interviewed everyone from lore keepers, local historians, sculptors, retired army officers, writers, cattle farmers, tour guides, seanchaí, gardeners, seers, home keepers, druids, post-masters, wood carvers, psychologists, and sheep farmers.  


The result is 62 stories covering all aspects of fairy folklore, accompanied by 16 timeless illustrations by master artist Bob Wilson. There are stories about Medieval fairy maps, the last fairy well in Ireland, the origins of fairy ringforts and how fairy lore helped protect our ancestral heritage.  Keith also collected testimony from people who not only claimed to have encountered fairy beings, but also other psychical phenomena such as UFO sightings. He even managed to interview ‘The Fairy Council of Ireland.’


Some stories such as “Are They Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings’ examined Donegal’s ancient fairy faith for a 21st century readership and its findings reveal how a respect for ancient fairy trees and gentle places may be more essential to humanity’s survival than we could have imagined.  


His narrative style is immersive, immediate and involving, drawing readers into a magical world they may have thought no longer existed. There are stories to entertain, enchant, mystify and even on occasions, spook!


Explore this captivating assortment of folklore, legends, charms, mystical spells, and encounters with fairies. Additionally, delve into the author's own intriguing experiences with otherworldly phenomena. A must for all aficionados of the Otherworld.”


Matt Molloy (Chieftains)

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