Papua Merdeka – Tribal Songs of Love and Freedom

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Papua Merdeka is a unique album featuring Wimagan Wewo, a tribesman from the jungles of the West Papua, where his music is banned. This is his story. This is their plight.

Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting –

  1. Mbalim River is flooding
  2. Bloody Sunday
  3. Sorga Base Wail Sip
  4. My Darling Yiqwagwe
  5. Bom Atom (Atom Bomb)
  6. Stop Selling Arms to Indonesia
  7. Lani-Lani, Lani-Lani
  8. Yiowae, Waowa e
  9. Satu Kapai (One Ship)
  10. Nobi Noba Yawi Andi O
  11. Indonesia kinobabut ta / Tari Mountain
  12. Engee Ambe ti Le Yege
  13. Wano Wano

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