The Road to Glenlough - Christy Gillespie

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There is no road to Glenlough, not even a well-worn path. This valley, in the highlands of south-west Donegal, is as remote and monumental as it is enchantingly beautiful. It is a place that has attracted a number of notable visitors. These include American artist and illustrator Rockwell Kent, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and, if strong local tradition is to be believed, Prince Charles Edward Stuart who sought refuge there as he waited for a French ship to bring him back to the safety of mainland Europe after his failed uprising in Britain.

But it is not just the famous that have a narrative worth relating. The truly heroic aspect of any account of Glenlough rests with the people who lived and breathed it.

In the life span of this valley, its interaction with humans has been but a heartbeat, yet it is a pulse that has been recorded assiduously through the written word, in paintings, drawings and many photographs. It is a legacy that has left us with a permanent record of a life that is no more and yet has had immortality conferred upon it.

This lavishly illustrated volume brings its storied past back into focus once more.

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