Faoi Dheireadh Thiar - Joe Steve Ó Neachtain

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When this play was first shown, barely a ticket could be found after less than a week on sale. Ó Neachtain’s realist style portrays here Christmas Eve in the old peoples’ home. And everyone there has their own story. Taimín Chualáin, waiting for a letter from his son in Australia, that isn’t coming; Coilmín an Bhreathnaigh, who never did an ounce of good in his life and drank all he had; Sally, who is living life to the full, even if it’s only in her own head; and Meaig Loideáin, put there against her own will. And it’s no different for those taking care of them: Máirín, the matron, who never married, for one particular reason; and Jackie, a young girl starting out in life. A drama full of humour and woe, power and passion throughout.

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