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Where I Come From is an album by Irish folk singer Christy Moore, released in 2013. Its title track remains one of his most popular songs. A number of songs relate the actions of those involved in political struggles, or those affected by those struggles.

A 3 pack of CDs produced by Christy Moore and Declan Sinnott.

Track listing CD 1:

1-1 Where I Come From
1-2 Arthur's Day
1-3 Veronica Guerin
1-4 Scallcrows 2
1-5 Derby Day
1-6 Delerium Tremens
1-7 The Stardust Song (aka They Never Came Home)
1-8 Johnny Connors
1-9 The Time Has Come
1-10 The Birmingham Six (aka Scapegoats)
1-11 St. Brendan's Voyage
1-12 On The Mainland
1-13 Barrowland
1-14 Minds Locked Shut
1-15 Song For Imelda Riney (aka Tiles And Slabs)

Track listing CD 2:

2-1 North And South Of The River
2-2 Welcome To The Cabaret
2-3 Giuseppe / Away Ye Broken Heart (Live From Belfast)
2-4 The Ballad Of Ruby Walsh
2-5 Easter Snow (For Seamus Ennis)
2-6 Viva La Quinte Brigada
2-7 Song For Anne Lovett (aka Everybody Knew, Nobody Said)
2-8 Riding The High Stool
2-9 On The Bridge
2-10 Casey
2-11 Whacker Humphries
2-12 Knock Airport
2-13 Boning Hall
2-14 Encore
2-15 Arthur's Day (Live From Whelan's)

Track listing CD 3:

3-1 Lisdoonvarna
3-2 The Two Conneeleys
3-3 Tyrone Boys
3-4 Strange Ways
3-5 Yellow Triangle
3-6 The Boy From Tamlaghtduff
3-7 Haiti
3-8 Yellow Furze Woman
3-9 Lovely Young One
3-10 In Praise Of Mullaghmore
3-11 The Wicklow Boy (Live From Lisdoonvarna)
3-12 Joxer Goes To Stuttgart
3-13 Ballydine
3-14 Me And The Rose
3-15 Where I Come From (Live From Knocknagoshel)

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