The Sharon Shannon Collection (1990-2005)

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Sharon Shannon has music at her fingertips....literally! The accordionist from Ireland has achieved legendary status throughout the world and has made the much-maligned accordion 'cool' in her home country.

Renowned for her collaborations, not just in Irish traditional music, but through all musical genres, Hip-Hop, Cajun, Country, Classical and Rap.

This double cd features the highlights of Sharon Shannon's career spanning over fifteen years. The tracks were selected by Sharon to reflect in some way, her personal highlights thus far in her career.

It is a stunning and diverse bag as Sharon's ininfluences range from traditional Irish to dance, reggae, Cajun, Swedish, Scottish and French-Canadian.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

CD 1

1. Cavan Potholes
2. El Mercado Testaccio
3. The Mighty Sparrow
4. The 3 Headed Monster
5. The Burst Matress
6. Little Bird
7. Coridinio
8. Hogs & Heifers
9. Glentown
10. The Blackbird
11. The Whitestrand String
12. Butterflies
13. The Bag Of Cats
14. Sandy River Belle
15. Rathlin Island
16. Duncans
17. The Penguin
18. Maguire & Patterson

CD 2

1. A Man Of Constant Sorrow
2. A Change Is Gonna Come
3. Norwegian Wood
4. Love Love Love
5. Courtin' In The Kitchen
6. What You Make It
7. Libertango
8. The Galway Girl
9. Anachie Gordon
10. Never Going Back
11. Say You Love Me

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