The Fire Aflame - Seán Keane, Matt Molloy, Liam Ó Flynn

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"Like the wind, like the sun coming through the clouds, like the shadow on the mountains" Shaun Davey's apt phrase captures the music of Matt Molloy, Seán Keane and Liam Ó Flynn, master musicians in the Irish tradition. Listen to Seán's evocative solo fiddle and you will feel the wind on your check, the sun's warmth in the expressivenss of Liam's pipering, the mountains haunting shadow in Matt's every note.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

1. Reels: The Wheels of the World / The Pinch of Snuff / Micho Russell's Reel
2. Hornpipe & Reel: The Belharbour Hornpipe / The Old Ruined Cottage in the Glen
3. Jigs: The Geese in the Bog / The Little Fair Cannavans / Whelan's Old Sow
4. Air & Hornpipe: The Maid of Ballingarry / The Stack of Barley
5. Reels: The J.B. Reel / The Lads of Laois / The Rambling Thatcher
6. Hornpipe: The Drunken Sailor
7. Hornpipes: Night Fishing 30th January 1972 / The Rights of Man
8. Reels: Johnny 'Watt' Henry's Reel / Jerry McMahon's Reel
9. Jigs & Reel: Pat Ward's Jig / The Dusty Miller / Ask my Father / The Connaught Heifer
10. Air: Casadh na nGéanna (The Turning of the Geese)
11. Set Dance: The Ace and Deuce of Piping
12. Air: Éire
13. Reels: Seán Ryan's Reel / The Grand Spey

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