The Belfast Harp Festival – Gráinne Yeats

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 Gráinne Yeats was an Irish harpist and singer, and also a historian of the Irish harp.

Disc 1 / Music Of The Harpers. 

  1. Féachain gléas
  2. Mairseal Ui Bhroin (Burns March)
  3. Lord Mayo
  4. Give Me Your Hand
  5. Molly McAlpin
  6. Damhsa An Phiobaire (The Piper’s Dance)
  7. Eibhlin A Run
  8. The Wild Geese
  9. Love, Lie Beside Me
  10. Róisín Dubh
  11. Love In Secret
  12. Oscail An Doras (Open The Door)
  13. Ta Me ‘Mo Chodladh (I Am Asleep)
  14. An Chuilfhionn
  15. Rory O’More
  16. Limerick Lamentation
  17. Miss Hamilton
  18. An Speic Seoigheach
  19. Baltiorum
  20. The Forlorn Queen
  21. The Twisting Of The Rope
  22. Brian Boru’s March

Disc 2 / Carolan              

  1. Lord Inchiquin
  2. James Betagh
  3. Mabel Kelly
  4. William O’Flinn
  5. Si Beag Is Si Mhor
  6. John Hart
  7. The Parting Of Companions
  8. Carolan’s Receipt
  9. Sir Arthur Shaen
  10. The Three Plaxties
  11. Betty O’Brien
  12. Fanny Power
  13. Grace Nugent
  14. Madam Maxwell
  15. Thomas Burke
  16. Planxty Johnston
  17. The Fairy Queen
  18. Elizabeth McDermott Roe
  19. Carolan’s Concerto
  20. Farewell To Music

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